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  1. I'm also just trooping. (Not staying for the movie, would've been cool, but work next day) I think I might also be affected by reduced bus capacity, hoping for the best
  2. I'm up, generic jedi Ef-Aj. I'll arrive in costume
  3. Hi Shane! I'm living in Dublin, close to Stephen's Green, will be here for the upcoming year. I've been practicing my saber spins in parks in the area. Update on the costume: I've ordered a new belt from etsy forcesabers, and a set of pouches and capsules from jedi-robe. I'll see if I can buy a cloak, and then I'll resubmit the costume after adjusting the tunic a bit. The major criticisms were about the belt, so...
  4. Hi Andrea! Jedi-robes looks like an excellent site, I'll definitely keep it in mind, though they don't seem to have belts at the moment, it solves my pouches and capsules problem. Though I was unable to find anything by googling or putting into amazon "US army WW2 boots" ???? I'll head to the main legion forum for a tailor/seamstress Thank you for your help
  5. Hello Ireland! I'm a generic jedi (SG-676) from Saber Guild Kashyyyk Temple (Costa Rica). I have relocated permanently (or at least long term) to Dublin, Ireland. Though... given the total lack of SG presence in Ireland (in Europe, in general), I'm looking to join the Rebel Legion so I can troop (and hopefully tempt others into duel choreography to establish a local SG temple ????). But... also because I'm new here, I have no idea about providers/tailors ????. I probably need to replace my boots, I'd like to get better food capsules, and apparently my belt and tunic are not up
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