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Offaly Library Comic Con - Saturday September 16th


Event details

The lovely people in Offaly Library have asked if we could join them at their family comic con this year.  Its a free event for all the family and they put a lot of work into this one.  A safe and secure place to get changed will be provided.  This one is a great day out  for all the family

EVENT -Offaly Library Comic Con
LOCATION - Offaly Library
DATE - Saturday September 16th
TIME - 10am - 4pm
POC - Dave Byrne 
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, GA, RI


Keith - Kylo/Chewie

Dan - Del Meeko

Matt - Reel Icons

Todd - TK


Katie - Kylo



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Hi folks.  Planning a bite to eat after this troop with Katie and her mom to celebrate Katie starting in the National Learning Network next week.  Venue tbc, but it will be close to the library.  If you are interested, please let me know so that I can get numbers together.  Cheers!

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For tomorrows Comic Con in Offaly:

Hi Dave,


That’s great news, thank you.


I’ll have a table space for your group.

Your group will be directed to our staff canteen which will be used for cosplay changing until 12:00. Water bottles will be available here and refreshments are available there for all voluntary guests of the event from 12:30.

Personal belongings can be signed in with our staff member on the floor who will store them in a staff only space when not in use.

The Reading Room will also be available after 16:00 for cosplayers to change out of their outfits.


Many thanks,


Best regards,



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