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Halloween Parade with Fire Display and Fireworks


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Keith has sourced us another event, well done trooper 😉👍:-
Hi guys.
Been working on this one, and can now send you the details.
Please find all details below:
Hey gang.  Been working on this one in the background, and now happy to open it up for people who are interested...
I have been in talks with The Tralee Chamber Alliance regarding their Halloween Parade this year, and they have secured some funding to pay travel and accommodation expenses for anyone who would like to come to Tralee and take part.  Depending on the costs involved, we may also have enough euro left in the kitty for a meal too.
Similar to St. Patrick’s Day, the parade route will be between 10 and 15 mins.  After this, we would be in a security zone, where we would be posing for photos and interacting with the crowd (who will be behind barriers) for approx 30 mins while the fireworks display happens.  There will then be a secure meet and greet with people for photo opportunities, and that would be it.  The parade starts at 6.30, so possibly be ready to troop from the hotel at 6pm, and we should be no longer than 2 hours.  We would change in the hotel in the bedrooms.
There will be a limit on how many can attend due to budget restraints.
Costumes are open between 501st and Reel Icons, but they are looking for “Iconic Comic Con Costumes” (their words!!).  So the likes of Stormtroopers and masked costumes would be great. 
Any questions, please feel free to give me a shout!  Keith
EVENT - Halloween Parade with Fire Display and Fireworks
DATE - 30th October
TIME - 6pm - 8pm
POC - Bryan Carr / Keith
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Reel Icons
Keith TK
Christy Michael Myers
Todd TK
Jamie Kylo Ren
Shane Shadow Scout
Sean Snow Trooper

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On 10/13/2022 at 8:37 AM, kingdom.trooper said:

Michael Myers, being escorted by two TKs... how cool will that be!!! 🙂

Thanks a million for organising this Keith, I'm looking forward to it

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Hi folks. I have an important update on this troop.

Having spken to the organiser again the other day, I was informed that they would be looking for a minimum of 6 troopers in order for this to go ahead.  They feel that anything less than 6 would not have an impact.  And the budget will allow for possibly 8-10, depending on people travelling together etc.

So as it stands, confirmed troopers are:

Keith Stormtrooper
Christy Michael Myers
Todd Stormtrooper
Jamie Kylo Ren

Provisional troopers, who have expressed interest but need to confirm

Shane Shadow Scout
Sean Snow Trooper
Matt with one of his 750 costumes
Sarah Black Widow with Leroy Ewok

If anyone else is thinking about attending this troop, then I can add your name to the list...

Cheers Troopers!

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Provisionally put me down as shadow scout. Will bring the shadow skull helmet too, as its Halloween.

Cadet Seán will travel with me once all is confirmed on my side.

Thanks Keith for organising this.

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1 minute ago, Dropkick said:

Provisionally put me down as shadow scout. Will bring the shadow skull helmet too, as its Halloween.

Cadet Seán will travel with me once all is confirmed on my side.

Thanks Keith for organising this.

Superb stuff Shane!!!  Delighted to have you and Sean on board... even if it is provisionally at the moment!! 🙂


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1 hour ago, Dropkick said:

Both Seán & myself will be going. Looking forward to the troop

Mighty hurlin' Shane and Sean!!  Delighted you both can make it!!!

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Just wanted to post an update about Sunday evening.  I am just off the phone with the organisers, and here is the plan...

We are to be kitted up and ready to rock for about 6pm.  We will have volunteers coming to meet us in the lobby at 6.10 / 6.15pm, and walk with us to the start of the parade.

I was told that the word parade is a bit elaborate!  Basically it is going to be us in costume, a half a dozen or so fire breathers, and a few other entertainers and dj.  

The "parade" route is about 10 mins long, and at the end of the route, we will be in a secure zone, with barriers between us and the public.  We will just hang around there for approx 20 mins, interacting with the crowd, acting the maggot and enjoying the fire show!  Better make sure not to get too near the firebreathers with all that abs on us!! 🙂

After the fire show, there will be a fireworks display for about 10 mins, so when this is finished, we should be at approx 7.15pm.  After the fireworks, we will all gather together as a group near the steps of the museum, and they will have a queuing system in place for anyone who wants to come up for photos with us.  Maybe Christy (as Michael Myers) can have his own photo shoot area, as I'm sure there will be lots of people who want photos with the bogey man!  This photos shoot / meet and greet should last approx half an hour and we then head back to the hotel to de-kit and unwind!

We can then either have a bite to eat in the hotel bar, or head up town for some grub...

So in a nutshell... ready at approx 6pm, done and dusted well before 8pm.

There is also an offer there if we wish to avail of entry to their after party, with free finger food and a free beverage each...

So guys, whatever time you fancy coming down on Saturday would be cool.  If ye come down a bit earlier, we can chill out before hand and have a coffee etc... and hopefully I may be able to get Carol to bring Dylan in so that both of them can meet ye.

Over and out...

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Apologies for the confusion. At the end of the update, I mentioned "whatever time you fancy coming down on Saturday".  I of course meant Sunday, October 30th!

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