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Smyths Toy Shop Corporate Meeting - Wednesday August 17th

Event details


Its been a long time since we have been asked to make a corporate appearance.  Corporate appearances are good because we negotiate very good fees for our appearance at these sort of events.  Its all down to numbers so I can't negotiate until I can see if anyone can do this.

Smyths Managers from all over the country wil be in attendance for this meeting which will take place in the Salthill Hotel in Galway.  During their meeting they will have three breaks.  One at 1030, one at 1230 and one at 230.  We don't need to be at all three, just one will suffice.  The bascially looking for 501st/RL to come into the board room at one of these times and to march them out of the room for their coffee break/lunch break and then be available for photo ops.  In my opinion the 1230 slot is probably the best for lunch.

Refreshments and a safe and secure place t oget changed will be provided along with a good donation to charity.  Is anyone available?

EVENT - Smyths Toy Store Management Meeting 
LOCATION - Salthill Hotel Galway
DATE -Wednesday August 17th
TIME - 1130 ready to troop for 1230
POC - Lisa Casey
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion

Dave - Boba Fett

George - Imperial Officer

Chisty - VAder (TBC)

Keith - Kylo

Dan - Del Meeko

Jamie - Shadow Trooper


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Guys, Im liaising with Smyths at the moment.  Im holding fire with the sign up until Smyths come back to me as they may want a limit on this.  I'll update shortly

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6 hours ago, todlambe said:

I can do it if transport is provided somehow.

If there's space I can join Christy on the train with the TK 🙂

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