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Tralee Halloween Parade - Friday November 3rd


Event details

Attention Troopers.  This is an event that Keith has organised.  It looks absolutely fantastic, well done Keith.
Hey Troopers.  Due to the massive success of this event last year, I have again been working on this one in the background, and now happy to open it up for people who are interested...
I have been in talks with the organisers of the Halloween Parade this year, and they have secured some funding to pay travel and accommodation expenses for anyone who would like to come to Tralee and take part.  Depending on the costs involved, we may also have enough euro left in the kitty for a meal too.
Similar to last year, the parade route will be approx 15 mins.  After this, we would be in a security zone, where we would be posing for photos and interacting with the crowd (who will be behind barriers), for approx 1 hour while the fireworks display happens.  During this time, there will also be music playing, and all you need to do is ask Shane "Those Hips Don't Lie" Murphy about the dance moves!!  There will then be a secure meet and greet with people for photo opportunities, and that would be it.  The parade starts at 6.30, so possibly be ready to troop from the hotel at 6pm, and we should be no longer than 2 hours.  Once finished, we would de-kit and meet up for a meal in the hotel bar.  We would change in the hotel in the bedrooms.
There will be a limit on how many can attend due to budget restraints.  There also needs to be a minimum amount of troopers to allow this go ahead.  At the moment, they are looking for between 6 and 8, a minimum of 6 to enable this to go ahead.  Once I get interest and numbers, I can then discuss this with the organisers.
Costumes are open between 501st and Rebel Legion but they are looking for “Iconic Comic Con Costumes” (their words!!).  So the likes of Stormtroopers and masked costumes / iconic characters would be great.
Any questions, please feel free to give me a shout!  Keith
If you would like to sign up, please comment with your costume details too.
One last thing... a donation to DEBRA Ireland in memory of Donie's little angel Eanna, will be made on behalf of the Garrison.
EVENT - Halloween Parade with Fire Display and Fireworks
DATE - Friday 3rd November
TIME - 6pm - 8 / 8.30pm
POC - Keith
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy
Keith - Chewie
Todd - TK
Aga - Bo Katan
Shane - TK
Dan - Inferno

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Would love to attend but will be in Orlando florida at some little star wars Park.. enjoy .🤘

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3 hours ago, todlambe said:

Signing up Aga as Bo and me as a TK

Welcome aboard troopers!  Looking forward to hosting you both in Tralee!

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1 hour ago, Ghollum said:

Would love to attend but will be in Orlando florida at some little star wars Park.. enjoy .🤘

What does Orlando have that Tralee doesn't????? 🙂  No worries at all dude!

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7 hours ago, kingdom.trooper said:

What does Orlando have that Tralee doesn't????? 🙂  No worries at all dude!

Universal studios 

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Just now, kingdom.trooper said:

Would love to have you aboard Shane!  I will touch base with you tomorrow.  Many thanks!

Thank you sir 😎🏼

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4 hours ago, HHall said:

Can I register as a guardian,  my daughter would love to troop as Fennec Shand

@HHall.  Many thanks for the interest in this.  Would you mind sending me a whatsapp or text on 086 8354059, and I can discuss this with you further.  Many thanks! Keith

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I am delighted to announce that we have two cadets officially trooping with us for this event.  Cadet Hannah and Cadet Katie.  Cadet Hannah will be trooping in her awesome Fennec Shand costume, and Cadet Katie will troop as either Kylo or Anakin.

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Extremely gutted about this, but the Tralee Halloween Street Parade is now cancelled as not enough troopers signed up.  The funding and charity donation will now be alloted to another group.

We've lost face with the organisers and Kerry County Council, and it will likely be more difficult to arrange events with them in the future.

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My sincere apologies to Todd, Aga, Dan, Shane Talty and Alan... plus our two cadets Katie and Hannah.  Thak you all for showing your support for this and my apologies it didn't work out.

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