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Yulefest Launch - Sunday 12th


Event details


OK Guys, Im sorry this one took so long to organise.  There was an awful lot going on behind the scenes with this one to try and get it right.  The new organiser had a big task ahead of her after the success of what Paula Lawlor (the original organiser) had achieved in previous years.

So this is the run of things.  Yulefest are looking for us to come down on two different dates.  The launch date which is Saturday November 24th and Sunday December 12th.

On the 24th we will need to be down there for around 12 to get ready.  The will want us along the Parade and Medieval Mile (Im sure there will be a few more places).  They are looking for us to be around till about 6, but do understand the need for breaks throughout the day.  They can't provide accommodation on this day as there is nothing available in Kilkenny or nearby

On the 12th we need to be around for a morning start.  Probably around 10am.  They are looking for us to help them at the start of a fun run that starts at Kilkenny Castle.  When thats over they will be looking for us to attend some other small events around the town.  Again, we'll be ok for breaks etc.  They can provide accommodation for some of us who wish to over night.  Im limited on the number of rooms I can get.  At the moment its 7.  These 7 rooms will have to be shared, they're twin rooms.  

With regard to expenses for travel.  A contribution will be made to help cover costs and for those who are staying over night on the 12th, a contribution towards food will be made as well.  We will of course have a donation made by Yulefest on our behalf to charity.

For this sign up, you need to advise me of the following:

1. What date(s) you want to sign up for.

2. If you are joining us on Sunday the 12th, do you wish to stay over.  Remember, Im limited on rooms.  I want to be fair with this one.  If we have more people looking to stay than the accommodation they can offer then I will have a fair draw for the rooms.  Having said that, I do have to keep the iconic costumes in mind.  Yulefest are looking for as many iconic costumes as possible so I have to take this into consideration.

3. I need to keep the numbers to a max of 12 for each day. This is primarily driven by trying to cover the cost of expenses for those travelling long distances.  There is no problem with anyone who wants to go but if I go over the 12 mark, I can't guarantee I can cover the costs.  I'll probably have a better idea once we have the sign up numbers

501st and Rebel Legion have first preference.  If all 12 slots are not filled for each day then I will open it up to GA.  Its the Star Wars characters they are interested in the most.  For those of you who have SW costumes and Reel Icons costumes, they have no issue if someone wants to change into a RI costume on the day.

EVENT - Yulefest 
LOCATION - Kilkenny
DATE -Saturday November 27th and Sunday December 12th
TIME - 1pm - 6pm on the 27th and 10am till around 4 (to be finalised)
POC - Mairan Flannery
COSTUMES - 501st, Rebel Legion

Trooping November 27th 

Christy - Vader

Richard - TK

Jamie - Kylo/Shadow Trooper 

Keith - Kylo

Shane - Palpatine/Shadow Trooper

Chris - Luke Skywalker

Tina - X Wing Pilot



Trooping December 12th

Christy - Vader - Overnight

George - Mandalorian/First Officer - Overnight 

Richard - TK

Jamie - Kylo/Shadow Trooper - Overnight

Matt - Jawa - Overnight

Dan - Del Meeko

Amy - Iden Versio/Nihilus - Overnight

Shane - Palpatine/Shadow Trooper

Chris - Luke Skywalker - Overnight

Tina - X Wing Pilot - Overnight


Crew - Tricia



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Just curious, is the over night on the Saturday night before the 12th or the Sunday night after the 12th? 10 would mean a vEry early start

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2 minutes ago, Avenger TK said:

Just curious, is the over night on the Saturday night before the 12th or the Sunday night after the 12th? 10 would mean a vEry early start

Hi Aidan.  Its a Sunday night stay over.  They can't get any rooms for a Saturday 

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I should be good for both days. 

Costume: ANH TK

No accommodation needed, based in Waterford.

As we’ll be out and about - how would breaks work for those of us in, not so mobile, kits which don’t lend themselves well to... moving 😆

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Happy to sign up as Del Meeko for both if there's space (no one has recognised me on a troop yet, so I definitely don't fall into the iconic category 😅). I can't stay on the 12th, so no need for accommodation for me.

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1 minute ago, kingdom.trooper said:

Sat 27th is the date.

Yeah saw that just the first few lines read 24th was all I was think wait now that's a Wednesday lol 

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Sign me up for both days please, if there's still a spot.

I'll bring Palpy & Shadow Scout for 27th.

For the 12th I can bring shadow trooper & maybe jawa.

Cadet Seán would like to attend as GA jawa if that's OK. No overnight needed as I'll have work on 13th. Thanks

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Signing up myself and Tina, X-Wing (Luke Skywalker) and X-Wing pilot, also cadets Hazel, Conor and Lily if the slots are available

Both dates, overnight please👍

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Good Morning Everyone

This one has been a tricky one to organise becuase Im dealing with a new event company and Kilkenny County Council separately.  Although the staff in the County Council where very nice to deal with, their internal bureacracy with regard to donations to charity and to cover expenses, accomodation on the 12th was difficult to navigate but I got there in the end.

So, with regard to this Saturday, they are looking for us to arrive any time after 12pm.  Our changing facilities is the ballroom of the Club House Hotel in Kilkenny.  Here is a link to the hotel https://www.clubhousehotel.com/  The hotel manager is Ian Brennan and he knows we will be arriving from midday onwards.

Santa will be arriving by boat along the River in Kilkenny.  He'll be arriving at 2pm, so they need us down there by around 1pm for photos with kids and families.  I reckon  we'll be finished up with Santa by the latest 3pm.  Back up to the hotel to take a break.  They then would like us to head to the Parade at Kilkenny Castle for more photos.  If we want to wander around the town, no problem and we all finish up at 5pm.  Its a much easier day than any of our previous trips down to Kilkenny.  

With regrad to covering tralve expenses, because the 501st doesn't have a bank account Graham and I had to prepare an invoice for Kilkenny County Council and I had to become whats called a supplier to Kilkenny County Council on behalf of the 501st.  Once I became a supplier the Council then had to send me a PO number.  Graham then had to create a new invoice with the PO number on it.  After all of this was done the Council came back to say we had missed the payment date by a week, so the money won't be lodged until next week, see mail below from the council.

Hi David,

I have sent this invoice for payment to our Accounts Payable Section.  However, it is too late for this week’s payment run but should be on for payment next week.

Regards/Le Buíochas


Catherine Cooney

Communications Officer/Administrative Officer

Seirbhísí Corparáideacha/Corporate Services

Halla an Chontae/County Hall

Cill Chainnigh/Kilkenny

Phone:  056 7794053/087 252 7654.

Email:  catherine.cooney@kilkennycoco.ie

So with regard to travel expenses, I will be in touch with those who are travelling on Saturday and I'll make arrangements to cover you when I get the money next week.  This problem won't be an issue for those travelling on December 12th.

I was hoping I could make it but Karen and I are just up to our eyes with two house moves.  Her mother is moving to Ireland to live and we've got a new house ourselves and were packing everything as the house buy is moving lightening fast.  I should be there for the 12th though.

I'll post more updates with regard to exact locations as I get them over the next two days.




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6 minutes ago, Dropkick said:

Thanks for this Dave.

I'm still planning on being there, once I get a negative PCR test result beforehand. 

Fingers crossed 🤞 

I had to do another one a few days ago.  Amber had a close contact in her class so we all had to get them done.  Negative result thank God

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Sorry guys but I'm going to have to pull out of the yule fest troop tomorrow 😔I'm not feeling the best and I'm recovering of the flu from last week, just can't shake the sinus issues I'm having wit it, I hope you all have a blast and I'll catch you on the next one, 👌

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15 minutes ago, Celtictrooper75 said:

Sorry guys but I'm going to have to pull out of the yule fest troop tomorrow 😔I'm not feeling the best and I'm recovering of the flu from last week, just can't shake the sinus issues I'm having wit it, I hope you all have a blast and I'll catch you on the next one, 👌

Sorry to hear that Tud but always best to look after your health first and foremost, take care bro 👍

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