Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison – our Garrison serves Republic of Ireland territory.

The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer, non-profit international Star Wars costuming club whos aims are to raise money for charities, to support community events and promote the franchise through appearances their members make in costumes that represent all eras of the Star Wars Saga.

Formed in August 1997 by Albin Johnson and Tom Crews, the Legion now has over 13,000 active members worldwide, with over 26,000 approved costumes.

The Legion is active on 6 continents, with local units known as "Garrisons" and "Outposts" in over 60 countries. Garrison members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities.
501st Legion’s member’s research, build, craft and make their own costumes, in their own time and expense to appear at events.

Members are encouraged to strive for the highest level of screen accuracy and realism in order to bring the characters of the Star Wars universe to life.
As such it would be easy to mistake the 501st Legion as a cosplay group but really we are a ‘costuming’ club; where accuracy and dedication to making the most authentic costumes is as important to our members as raising money for the charities we support.

As well as attending larger national and international events, our key objectives is also to give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend – large or small.

Latest Updates

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 15 January 2020
    The imperial stormtrooper or TK is part of the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) and are the grunts of the legion. Not known for their accuracy, stormtroopers tend to miss their targets, but are the most popular costume in the Ireland garrison & worldwide legion.

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    ur #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) Official[...]
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 14 January 2020
    The Praetorian guard is part of the Sovereign Protectors Detachment of the #501stLegion. Also in this detachment are Royal guards & shadow guards. They can be mainly red, blue or black armour.

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #SovereignProtectors @501stlegionsovereignprotectors
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 13 January 2020
    Each imperial character is part of a detachment within the 501st legion. Our tie pilot is part of the Jolly Roger Squadron detachment & keeps the skies safe from rebel attacks.

    Become one of the #BadGuysDoingGood & join the legion by signing up to our forums at http://irelandlegions.com/forums

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    land #NotVader #jrs #NoShieldsAllGuts 501st Legion Jolly Roger Squadron[...]
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 12 January 2020
    Our troopers caught this rebel sympathiser in Dublin this weekend. Even the jedi master was unable to help this time.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501stIreland #HappyBirthdayOisin @rebellegionie @endorcampus
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 11 January 2020
    For all in Australia suffering from the horror of the bushfires.
    The 501st Legion would like to offer support for those affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia. For a sense of magnitude, the fires have burned approximately 18 million acres which is roughly the size of Belgium and Denmark combined.

    Together with the 501st units based in Australia, we encourage donations to the following charities to provide support for Australian citizens that have been affected.

    •Red Cross Australia

    • Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland

    • NSW Rural Fire Service

    ⁣• South Australian Country Fire Service

    ⁣• Victoria Bushfire Disaster Appeal

    • For wildlife donations



    #501st #BadGuysDoingGood #AustraliaFires

    Desert Scorpion Garrison, Southern Cross Garrison, Redback Garrison, Southern Dewback Garrison, Knightfall Garrison, Copperhead Outpost, Thylacine Outpost,
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 11 January 2020
    So what do biker scouts do when they are off duty?
    They practice not crashing into trees.

    Two scouts show off the recent #501stIreland racing shirt.

    Why not take the 1st step towards joining our garrison by signing up to our forums at http://irelandlegions.com/forums

    📸 Amy Mahony
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 10 January 2020
    Lord Vader & the #NotVaders look so well together. The shadowtrooper & shadow scout are part of the spec ops detachment of the #501stLegion.

    #BalorsWolfhunters #SwiftSilentAndRelentless @501stlegionspecops #501stIreland
    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist

    📸 Karen Hughes
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 09 January 2020
    Our #BobaFett & #PraetorianGuard want to let you know that the #501stIreland can't wait to see you at events throughout the year ahead.

    Keep an eye on our social media for details on any upcoming appearances.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #EndorCampus @endorcampus #jawa

    📸 Karen Hughes
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 08 January 2020
    Buckets off for our fallen brother TB69077.
    Near the beginning of 2020, our brother Jason ”Lawless” Sirota, TB-69077, passed away. Jason is known for his contagious enthusiasm, brillant smile, and helping others meet their costuming goals. He coordinated events, was part of the Los Angeles Squad staff, and served as a Web Liaison for Southern California Garrison. Jason avidly promoted the Reggae and Ska music scene and supported the adoption of dogs in need. Jason is survived by his pretty puppy, Joy.

    Jason, we will play that trumpet for you as you take one step beyond into the Hall of the 501st Eternal Legionnaires.

    #501st #EternalLegionnaires #bucketsoff
    Southern California Garrison
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 08 January 2020
    It's great when many of our troopers attend an event. Keep an eye out for our appearances on our social media in the weeks & months ahead.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501stIreland

    📸 Andrea Paolucci
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 07 January 2020
    There's something so impressive about the classic stormtrooper.

    Here's one of our TKs at the Rise of Skywalker showing.


    #BadGuysDoingGood #501stIreland #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 06 January 2020
    Another legion member has become one with the force.
    Buckets off for #TI74770. Rest in peace.
    Foto dal post di 501st Legion Jolly Roger Squadron
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 06 January 2020
    It's great to see legion sisters & brothers getting together to catch up after the busy Christmas season.

    The coin check is a tradition within the legion. Thankfully all troopers were able to produce their coin when it was called.

    #501stIreland #VadersFist #GoodFriends #CoinCheck
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 05 January 2020
    Our friends from #rebellegionie and #endorcampus helped at a recent troop in Wexford at a #RiseOfSkywalker showing.

    Join the team at http://irelandlegions.com/forums and take your 1st step towards becoming one of the #BadGuysDoingGood

    #501stIreland #VadersFist Rebel Legion Ireland The Galactic Academy Endor Campus
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 04 January 2020
    Watch out rebels, Lord Vader & his troopers from #501stIreland are searching for the location of the secret rebel base.

    Contact our events team at events@501st.ie to arrange our troopers to attend your community or charity event.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 03 January 2020
    This photograph of some of our troopers in Portmagee for the #MayTheFourth weekend was one of the images used as a review of 2019 by RTE. We do love this image.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501stIreland #WalkThisWay #Portmagee #Valentia

    📸 Charles McQuillan
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 02 January 2020
    Our troopers can't wait to take part in the many community & charity events in the coming year. Make sure your organisation's events team contact our events team at events@501st.ie to arrange an appearance of our troopers at your event.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #501stIreland #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 01 January 2020
    Happy new year from all at #501stIreland

    We look forward to seeing you in the new year at many community and charity events. Keep checking out our facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates on where we will be posted in the coming months.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist

    📸 @apphoto.ie