Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison – our Garrison serves Republic of Ireland territory.

The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer, non-profit international Star Wars costuming club whos aims are to raise money for charities, to support community events and promote the franchise through appearances their members make in costumes that represent all eras of the Star Wars Saga.

Formed in August 1997 by Albin Johnson and Tom Crews, the Legion now has over 13,000 active members worldwide, with over 26,000 approved costumes.

The Legion is active on 6 continents, with local units known as "Garrisons" and "Outposts" in over 60 countries. Garrison members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities.
501st Legion’s member’s research, build, craft and make their own costumes, in their own time and expense to appear at events.

Members are encouraged to strive for the highest level of screen accuracy and realism in order to bring the characters of the Star Wars universe to life.
As such it would be easy to mistake the 501st Legion as a cosplay group but really we are a ‘costuming’ club; where accuracy and dedication to making the most authentic costumes is as important to our members as raising money for the charities we support.

As well as attending larger national and international events, our key objectives is also to give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend – large or small.

Latest Updates

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 08 May 2021
    Our own BH20471 got to meet up with & present Katie with her art competition prize & an Ireland garrison patch that she won at last weekend's #MayTheFourthFestival.

    All the competition entries can be seen at http://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com

    We look forward to meeting up with Katie & many more Star Wars fans
    when we can safely do so.

    #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501stIreland
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 06 May 2021
    A warm welcome to TB48733 to the #501stIreland.

    Congratulations on your #BikerScout clearance, trooper.
    Make sure to avoid those Ewoks.

    #WelcomeToTheGarrison #NewMember #TB48733
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 05 May 2021
    OK rebels, move over.
    You had your day yesterday.
    Today is our day.

    #StarWarsDay #501stIreland #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 04 May 2021
    Here's a video about the #501stlegion & our garrison in Ireland.

    #MayTheFourth #MTFBWY #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 04 May 2021
    Happy #StarWarsDay to everyone. Have a great day & May the Fourth be with You.

    #MayTheFourth #MayTheFourthFestival http://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 03 May 2021
    The May the 4th festival is well underway. There have been many excellent interviews, a talk from our members about our costumes & a virtual troop.

    If you've missed any of these, check out https://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com/tv-studio

    #501stIreland #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 02 May 2021
    The #MayTheFourthFestival is online......

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 02 May 2021
    Today, the #501stIreland will be taking part in a virtual troop from 2pm (Irish time).
    All details can be seen at https://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com/501st-troop-request

    We look forward to seeing many of you there.

    #MayTheFourthFestival #VirtualTroop #MeetTheGarrison Rebel Legion Ireland
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 01 May 2021
    Coming up at 3pm (Irish time) today, the garrison is having a showcase of their members & their costumes.

    Make sure you tune into the zoom chat & have your questions ready.

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 01 May 2021
    Happy 501st day, citizens.
    To mark this special day, the #501stIreland would like to announce that the #MayTheFourthFestival website is now fully open.

    Check it out for details of what's happening this weekend.

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 30 April 2021
    It's the weekend & like TK23020, we can't wait for the #MayTheFourthFestival to start.

    There's so many highlights of this weekend long festival.

    Make sure you don't miss anything by checking out what's lined up at http://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 29 April 2021
    Join all your friends at the #MayTheFourthFestival this weekend. Check out the Ireland garrison & base online troops, colouring competitions, cosplay competition, fan film showings & loads of interviews.
    http://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com for all details.

    #501stIreland #VadersFist #Portmagee #Porgmagee
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 28 April 2021
    Attention 501st legion & Rebel Legion members, you are all welcome to join the Irish garrison & base on Sunday for a virtual troop.

    All details are at https://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com/event-details/501st-online-troop

    Don't forget to register on the festival website & we look forward to welcoming you this w

    #501stIreland #VirtualTroop #MayTheFourthFestival
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 27 April 2021
    The weekend is getting closer & we can't wait for the May the 4th festival to begin.



    #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood #501stIreland #MayTheFourthFestival
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 26 April 2021
    Attention, citizens.... coming to your screens this weekend.

    Be ready for the #MayTheFourthFestival

    Check out http://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com for all the details.

    Don't miss this one.

    #501stIreland #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 24 April 2021
    It's the weekend everyone. It's warm & sunny in Portmagee & TK23020 got the ice creams for himself & the wookiee.

    Next weekend our troopers will take part in various events for the #MayTheFourthFestival.

    All details are at http://maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com

    #501stIreland #501st #VadersFist #Portmagee #Porgmagee
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 24 April 2021
    We're all getting excited for the #MayTheFourthFestival
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 23 April 2021
    No need to worry, citizens. TK23020 was spotted patrolling the Portmagee sector yesterday in preparation for the virtual #MayTheFourthFestival this year.

    All the details are at https://www.maythe4thbewithyoufestival.com/

    #FirstOrderStormtrooper #501stIreland #VadersFist #Portmagee #Porgmagee