Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison – our Garrison serves Republic of Ireland territory.

The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer, non-profit international Star Wars costuming club whos aims are to raise money for charities, to support community events and promote the franchise through appearances their members make in costumes that represent all eras of the Star Wars Saga.

Formed in August 1997 by Albin Johnson and Tom Crews, the Legion now has over 13,000 active members worldwide, with over 26,000 approved costumes.

The Legion is active on 6 continents, with local units known as "Garrisons" and "Outposts" in over 60 countries. Garrison members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities.
501st Legion’s member’s research, build, craft and make their own costumes, in their own time and expense to appear at events.

Members are encouraged to strive for the highest level of screen accuracy and realism in order to bring the characters of the Star Wars universe to life.
As such it would be easy to mistake the 501st Legion as a cosplay group but really we are a ‘costuming’ club; where accuracy and dedication to making the most authentic costumes is as important to our members as raising money for the charities we support.

As well as attending larger national and international events, our key objectives is also to give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend – large or small.

Latest Updates

  • 501st Ireland Garrison 02 October 2022
    Our Imperial officer ID11256 was about to apprehend the suspect when the jedi stole a transport & was able to disappear.

    We'll get you next time, jedi.

    #501stIreland #ImperialOfficer #IOC #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501st
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 30 September 2022
    On Saturday, our troopers can be seen at the Lakers car raffle at Dundrum shopping centre from 12 noon until 3pm.

    Please come along, say hi & help this organisation who supports both adults & children with intellectual disabilities.

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #Lakers
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 28 September 2022
    Congratulations to TX20119 on the clearance of his latest costume. The shadow scout is from the SpecOps detachment & can be seen in the Star Wars Battlefront games.

    This is the 3rd shadow scout in the Ireland garrison. #NewCostume #SwiftSilentRelentless #SpecOps #501stIreland
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 26 September 2022
    TI71242 got to pick out a fancy new carrier for their friend, Grogu at the Smyths catalogue launch at the weekend.

    You too can join the team & build your own armour - the 1st step is to join our forums at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #501stIreland #TiePilot #JRS #BlackWidow #501stlegion #BadGuysDoingGood
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 23 September 2022
    On Saturday morning from 9am until midday, we have troopers attending the Smyths Toy store catalogue launch in various stores around the country.

    Check our announcement for your nearest participating store.

    We look forward to meeting you in store.

    #501stIreland #VadersFist #SmythsToyStore #Smyths
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 22 September 2022
    Remembering a fallen friend of the garrison. ❤️❤️🤘🤘

    We got to troop to remember our friend Zak recently in Navan.

    Contact our events team at http://501st.ie/contact-us to arrange our appearance at your upcoming community or charity event.

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #TX18170 #CTS1917 #ZakRocks
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 20 September 2022
    DS19920, CTS1917 & TX18170 got to attend the Zak Rocks fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Ireland in Navan this weekend.

    It was such an honour to be there for @childhoodcancerire Childhood Cancer Ireland

    So many fist bumps, high fives & photos.

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501st #EndorCampus #Galacti
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 18 September 2022
    TI71242 shows us how to look well.....

    That black armour looks amazing, pilot.

    Have a chat about what costume you would like to build & wear by joining our forums at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #501stIreland #VadersFist #JRS #BlackWidow #TiePilot #JollyRogerSquadron
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 16 September 2022
    TK11677 & TK20119 make sure the citizens of Barretstown are kept safe from any rebel or jedi infiltration....

    oh wait!

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #RebelLegionIrelandBase #EndorCampus
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 14 September 2022
    Anyone know where the droid parts are kept?
    DZ32589 was on the lookout for some good salvage at Dublin Comic Con, but there was nothing to find.

    Contact our events team to arrange our appearance at your upcoming community or charity event. http://501st.ie/contact-us

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 12 September 2022
    TS19793 & TX20119 look so well together. Those contrasting armour colours really do compliment each other.

    Are you arranging a community or charity event in the coming months? Why not ask us to come along & be part of your event.

    Contact the events team at http://501st.ie/contact-us

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 10 September 2022
    It's lovely when we get citizens drawing our characters & sending them to us. Our DS19920 was thrilled to get this from Cat at a recent visit to Barretstown Camp.

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #KyloRen #SithLord
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 09 September 2022
    Rest in peace Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022.

    #BucketsOff #RestInPeace #QueenElizabethII
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 08 September 2022
    It's "The Circle of Life"

    TI19920 shows Grogu what it's like to fly a twin ion engined TIE fighter.

    Join the team & our forums at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #501stlegion

    📷 Kat Kelleher
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 06 September 2022
    Knowing he's not been able to find the location of the secret rebel base, our Imperial officer does his best to avoid being force choked by offering Lord Vader a cup of tea.

    Join the dark side & help to support local charities & community events - sign up at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #501stIreland #501stlegion #BadGu
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 04 September 2022
    All the Vaders again.
    This time, it's SL19793 & TI19920 who look rather fetching in their black armour.

    Join the team at http://501st.ie/join-us & let us know if you want to help at events or build your own costume.

    We're really a friendly bunch.

    #501stIreland #DarthVader #TiePilot
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 02 September 2022
    Who's king of the seven Kingdoms?

    That's right, DZ32589 has claimed the Iron throne.

    Join the garrison & becomenone of the #BadGuysDoingGood at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #KraytClan #Utinni #501stIreland #501stlegion
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 30 August 2022
    The 501st Sith Lords are proud to announce a new CRL has been added to their library for immediate use: Dark Rey!

    From Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skyw
    alker, a dark side vision of Rey appears to her on the remains of the second Death Star.

    If you would like to join The 501st Legion with this costume, or for more information about this build, please visit:


    For more information on the Sith Lord Detachment, please visit:


    #501st #StarWars #DarkRey #SLD #TheRiseOfSkywalker #NewCRL
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 30 August 2022
    TB19179 is on the watch our for those vermin Ewoks. They are always getting in the way of Imperial troopers on duty.

    Why not help & build your own Scout trooper.
    Check the forums at http://501st.ie/join-us

    #ScoutTrooper #Pathfinders #501stIreland #VadersFist
  • 501st Ireland Garrison 28 August 2022
    All the Vaders got to get together a while back for a meeting in Galway. Boba Fett & our Imperial officer felt a bit left out 🤣🤣


    #501stIreland #VadersFist
    http://501st.ie/join-us for details

    📷 Kat Kelleher